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Two mamas in pursuit to elevate businesses by educating on all things culture, people, and brand. We are multi-passionate and know that the balance between your internal values, finding your dream team and good design is the sweet spot in creating a business that you love and makes an impact. We are here for all of it; to support you through the highs and the lows while cheering you on to reach your fullest potential.


We are 1 part visioning, 1 part strategy, 1 part happy hour. 

ready to really UP your business game?

Join us weekly in the Potential Parlour (aka our Blog), where we drop our favourite actionable strategies for growing a profitable & unstoppable business. 


the potential parlour

Each week we give you all the insider info, advice, and motivation on how to build a sustainable and profitable business through developing culture, people, and brand first. 

This is the "up close and personal" of the strategies that we use each and every day with our own business and with the dozens of businesses that we have worked with. 

Our goal each week is to deliver attainable and actionable strategies that will allow every person who has a dream to start and own a thriving business. 

We have a no-fluff approach that is deeply rooted in practices and principles that we have seen work over and over again, creating millions of dollars of revenue for our clients.

So pour a drink and dive right in!


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Welcome to the Culture Co. Academy. Our goal as educators is to empower you to know the impact that Culture, People & Brand Development can have on your business. We wanted the tools that large profitable businesses use to be accessible for every leader so you can create a sustainable, aligned, and profitable business regardless if you are a solopreneur or are a team of 1000's.

Our courses are no-fluff, actionable, and easy to implement. 

We can't wait to see you in class!

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There are not enough words in the English dictionary that would specifically and perfectly describe the ladies of Culture Co. Our brand was in dire need of a revamp and realignment so we sought after and solicited services from Nicki and Coralee of Culture Co. In the wellness and retreat space, Journey Retreats could certainly hold its own as a business, but it wasn’t until we were able to tap in and take a deep dive into our values and strengths as individuals that we were really able to birth the immense transformation that us as business owners embodied. Culture Co was the key component that brought that out of us! Today, our content is aligned, our website is robust and flows effortlessly and our strengths as business owners are equally sound. Thank you Culture Co for all you do!

From the ladies at Journey Retreats
XO, El & Britney!