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We want to fill the world with leaders who own their strengths, who understand their capacity & who are ready to elevate others into theirs.

We know that regardless of what industry you are in, whether you are a solopreneur or lead a team, PEOPLE impact every facet of our lives. 

When you work alongside a team that works towards their strengths and encourages you to do the same... magic happens. 


Imagine walking into work knowing that you are surrounded by the brightest and best people, that they have your back and you are doing the work you love the most? 


That is what The People Lab creates. 


We are here to teach you that working within your genius isn't that hard and that when you do, your workload feels a whole less like work, and the people you are surrounded by are a whole lot happier too. 

Have you ever wonder how to create your dream team? or looked around at people who are having a blast in their business and think 'what's their secret?'

It's a not-so-secret secret... but it starts with arranging your work within them. 

And if you have a team, it means to align them within their strengths as well. 

Any entrepreneur knows that burnout is an actual thing and that wearing all the hats comes at a cost (hustle much?). We also know that your growth is directly impacted by your ability to scale your time. 

And people come into that equation. This program is the roadmap to creating a people strategy that actually works. 

Hint: it starts with you


Maybe you are a struggling solopreneur who just can't seem to get all the things done?

Maybe you are ready to make your first hire?

Maybe you lead a team but know that not everyone is working within their unique genius?

 Maybe you are tired and burnt out from work every day and you aren't sure what changes you need to make?

Maybe you have a lot of turnover and are nervous to understand why?

But maybe you know there is another way?



A course in uncovering and actioning your most inner genius.


So even if you have high turnover, are quick to comment on how many weaknesses you have, or struggle to trust other people with your business, we got your back! 

We believe in using your most innate talents and strengths as your biggest asset and we teach you how to use them in your business

Over the past decade of our work we have: 

~ watched our clients launch and have to turn away business within the first year

~ grown revenue by 75% year over year

~ turn around underperforming businesses into thriving businesses

~ had their social media platforms go from zero to communities of thousands

~ our clients have paid back their initial investment in 1 year 

~ reduced turnover from 22% down to a healthy 11% in 18 months 

~ watched revenues skyrocket

~ aligned business owners in their values which increased their joy and purpose

here is what you'll learn


SESSION 1: Aligning Strengths

  • Why understanding your Strengths is imperative to your success?

  • How overwhelm and burnout are hurting your business

  • How to own your unique genius and the impact it will have

  • How to use your strengths as a tool for growth & happiness

  • Understand the impact your Strengths have on your network


SESSION 2: Building Trust

  • Understand whom we trust with what

  • How our trust is the glue that holds your business together

  • Why cultivating trust with others is one of the most important leadership aspects to develop 

  • 5 trust-building exercises to start today


SESSION 3Creating Ambassadors

  • How to bring your Culture to your people

  • How to identify amazing ambassadors

  • Creating trust with your ambassadors

  • How to create an ambassadorship that works

  • How ambassadors will elevate your brand 



meet the creators



Coralee finds herself in many streams of Culture Co. from creative and design, collaboration enthusiast, authentic content creation and social strategy to cultural branding and marketing.

After studying marketing and design for business she soon realized that the ethos of culture needed to be created first. Culture in its broadest sense is cultivated behaviours that are directly evolving and nuanced through design. The effects of design are profound as it generates behaviours that directly impact your business and your following.


Design-driven branding is her ultimate ambition, creating a brand that speaks your cultural values, to your team, your peers and your clientele. Coralee loves to bring who you are to your brand. Ultimately her diversified experience from magazine writing, building homes, weddings and travel, has given her the opportunities to understand that people love to tell their story and live their style. 



Nicki has spent the last 17 years engaging and cultivating the most effective, loyal teams impacting culture everywhere she goes. Her philosophy is deeply rooted in understanding your core organizational and leadership values that impact all aspects of your business and your brand.

She is an agent of change and believes that stagnancy leads to the death of all creativity and growth as an organization. 

'So many companies have focused so hard on what they want their culture & brand to be (we call those buzz words) but forget to acknowledge that they then need to live those words each and every day'


Nicki's passion is cutting through those buzz words and getting to the truth behind your companies true commitment to create a sustainable, profitable and aligned business. 

Her vision is to create a better world through activating elevated leadership in workplaces for every human being. 

Still unsure if it makes sense for you?

We totally understand that feeling, when you know you could benefit from something but are teetering on whether: 

- you can make enough time for it

- you wonder if it really is all that great

- you could spend that time and $$ on so many other things

- you are so used to your own excuses that you get stuck  in the cycle of playing small


And the truth is, we can't make any of those thoughts disappear for you. But we can promise that we have taken 34 combined years in business and culture development and wrapped them up beautifully in a no-fluff, easy to execute, straight to the core program designed for any leader who is ready to elevate their business. 



Who this program is for: 

  1. Entrepreneurs who are ready to understand how best to use their strengths to maximize their impact 

  2. Business leaders who are ready to elevate their teams

  3. Solopreneurs who are ready to learn and put in the time to understand how best to show up in their business and the world

  4. Leaders who are ready to make a bigger impact and make more money

  5. Business owners who are ready to increase their overall joy & have more fun

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