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Where we dish out all our secrets that have created dozens of successful and unstoppable businesses. Thats right, you can pull up a chair, hair in a top knot and dive into the strategies that have aligned our clients businesses and driven huge successes.

We pull back the curtains on all our strategies that are just waiting for you to step into your fullest potential as a business leader to amplify your business. 

take them one at a time or all at once


We are passionate educators and believe that creating sustainability within businesses is to teach leaders the tools they need to succeed. While our primary platform for our teachings is through The Academy, we offer workshops within our community and also are available for corporate and leadership trainings.

We teach on all topics that are related to Culture, People & Brand. We love delivering personalized content that is applicable to who you are and the industry that you are in while infusing you with easy to action strategies. 

Our goal is to create leaders that commit to living their unique culture each and every day. 


Yep, that 7 letter word can become your secret weapon in creating a business that you (and everyone on your team) gets excited to be a part of each day. 


Imagine waking up every morning inspired by the work you do, surrounded by your dream team, ready to bring your gifts to the world, while having fun? 


Does it sound almost to good to be true?


We are here to teach you that its not. You can create a business that you love AND makes you money. A business that creates meaningful impact AND brings out the best in you and your team.  


We have been elevating businesses since 2012 through a unique approach of consultation that begins with Culture first. We work with a number of businesses every year who are ready to commit to elevating and aligning their businesses through our system of Culture. People. Brand. 

We are committed to meeting our clients where they are while amplifying them through vision, strategy and action. 

Our goal is for every business to reach their fullest potential by creating impact, sustainability and profitability. All while having fun. 

Are you ready? 

  join us in the potential parlour

Where each week we give you idea's, tips & motivation to elevate your business to its fullest potential


Coralee & Nicki of Culture Co.
Potential hustlers who are in pursuit to
elevate business leaders through
educating you on all things
Culture. People. Brand.

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