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A message to our community in response to COVID -19,

We have been waiting and watching closely to the pandemic unfolding around us. We know so many of you are feeling uncomfortable, stressed out and filled with a lot of fear around what this means for you, your business and the community. We are all feeling this way right now. 

At this time, we are choosing to respect the recommendations to stay home that the government has released to ensure we are playing a role in our personal responsibility to keep our community from spreading this virus. 

Business will continue for us but we will be moving to virtual interactions. Much of what we do; brand alignment, strategic planning, content writing, etc can be delivered virtually.

We also know this has implications for many facets for your clients and teams. We would like to offer up any assistance to being available for you should you want to have someone to talk things through with and how best you can navigate the impact on your business. 

Most importantly we hope that you take care of yourself and your family during this time. As leaders, we tend to be the container for our people and more than ever they will need a leader who is grounded and calm.

Please do not hesitate to reach out.

The Culture Co. team





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about us

The team behind Culture Co:

why culture co.

We believe in partnering with our clients. Whether you are just thinking of starting a business, are a soloprenueur or have a team behind you, our goal is to elevate leaders who are ready to align their business in its purpose and cultivate an intentional set of values that become your roadmap to building a sustainable and successful business. Whether you need a lot or a little, we are ready to roll up our sleeves to guide you.

With over 90 combined years of experience, we came together to build a team that gives you the full circle of business building elements. Each of us brings a wealth of knowledge, an unrelenting dedication to creating businesses rich in connection and transparency and a passion for aligning your team with your mission & goals. 

We work collectively with you and for you as we weave together all aspects of the story that your values tell while delivering a full-scale experience that ensures all aspects of your business are taken care of.

Nicki Bullock
Culture & People Development Strategist

Coralee Grimm
Chief Design & Style Strategist

Jenelle Ford
Research, Data & Finance Tactitian

Breanna Willock
Creative Strategist &
Brand Aligner

Jen Kessler
Brand Media 

our philosophy


We believe in cultivating a full circle
culture-building experience that is rooted in our founding philosophy of building transparency, trust, and momentum.

1. We take you inwards, to the very core of your business
vision and mission.
2. We align your strenghts and the strengths of your team through a specific and customized people strategy plan. 
3. We take it outwards, to tell your story to your clients
and the world through all aspects of your brand development.


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