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Do You Have a Team? This Episode is For You

We are 2 people who for our entire adult lives ran teams. It was pretty obvious for both of us from a young age that leadership (ahem bossiness) was in our blood. We both ran restaurants early in our careers and then went on to lead many many teams.

The one thing we would always hear from business owners... 'why doesn't my team want to share about my business, why don't they want to help it grow?'

Unpacking that is a big process but we both believe that it starts from the top, and that means you. Having engaged team members means that they are out in the community being an ambassador and when you have someone on your team who does that; who shares your posts, who tells their friends about what they do, who actively wants to make your business better... that's an ambassador.

And it's gold.

Most leaders will tell you that it's impossible to find this and people like that are far and few between but we think couldn't think that is farther from the truth. It's all up to you.

In this week's episode, we chat about how to create ambassadors for your brand and your business.

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