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3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Hiring Success Rate

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

We hear it a lot "we can't find good people to hire". And we know how competitive it is in the current marketplace. But as with anything we do here at Culture Co, we approach this statement from a place of curiosity instead of just throwing our hands up and saying 'oh well'.

Most companies want the same things; to find (and more importantly keep) qualified, invested, engaged team members who treat your company like they would their own which contributes to a healthy bottom line and a happy team. Can you even imagine if you entire team was made up of people like that?

Well we can and we always know it's possible (very possible).

There are simple shifts that you can take to really increase your hiring success rate that will produce loyal, engaged staff:

1. Use your job ad as the first tool to clearly describe the type of person you are looking for. Describe who they are; characteristics, behaviours, ideals in great detail. Paint a picture so clear that anyone who would not identify in that way would not feel aligned to the position. Explain who you are, how the team works and be honest about the problems you are facing but want to change. Invite them to explore more about your team culture by linking them back to your about us page on your website, give them the inside scoop of how amazing it is to work within your team.

2. Have a recruiting process that gives people the most unbelievable experience, from the moment they apply. There are so many options on how to make that happen and works best if it makes sense for your business but some general ideas are:

- Have an auto-generated email response to everyone that applies to any position with a note from you (the leader) on how grateful you are they felt aligned with the values of the company that they applied. In this email you can describe how the recruiting process works and give them timelines for when the decision will be made.

- For the applicants you would like to interview, send them a welcome package with the email to set up the interview. Give them a few of the questions you would like answered and tell them how the interview process will work (whether that will be a panel, whether they need to have anything prepared or whether they need to bring anything with them that day)

- Follow up with the applicants that did not make it through. Spend time with them if they would like feedback, review the reasons, be honest. Let them learn from that experience instead of just feel disappointed.

3. Care about who you are hiring. It may seem trite or not-effective to let caring into the recruiting process but if you truly want to find aligned people to join you in your mission, caring is the first step to getting them on board. It's your responsibility to set the tone for how they feel at work and caring is the best first step you can take.

Happy hiring #culturecreators and if you are ready to intentionally cultivate your company culture, please visit to find out how together, we can create that future.


Loved this article? We believe sharing is caring so please pass this along to any entrepreneur or team leader - we are sure they would appreciate it!

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