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We believe in the power of aligned teams that cultivate values & ways in which to live them together.

We are business educators who believe in the impact of culture in the workplace. We believe that the best company cultures are cultivated inch by inch and produce the happiest, most effective, highly productive employees. We work alongside you and your team as we identify your core organizational values and create a plan that brings those values to the forefront of all you do; ensuring employees and clients share the experience. Through identifying your unique culture, you give your team a 'why' which has been identified as one of the foundational reasons people feel engaged at the workplace.

And learning collectively is one of the most effective

approaches to bring your teams together. Whether it is

the entire company or your leadership team, we utilize

your specific team goals and align them with our extensive

knowledge in building culture, people development

and brand alignment to ensure that you walk away

with a tangible plan of action.

Our lectures, workshops & discussions can be delivered 

in a variety of ways, in your office or off-site, as an all-day

development series or as a 1-hour enlightening lecture. 

But regardless of what setting they are delivered in, all of
our lectures and workshops have a hands-on approach

to ensure that your team develops skills you can implement

For more information, you can download our Speaking & Workshop Kit HERE

or to book a session call us at 604.791.9230

And in addition to customized workshops, we also host our own workshops that anyone can join. Click here to visit our upcoming workshops page.

doing work together


How to Cultivate Your True Company Culture

4 hours

Why Culture Matters

1.5 Hours

Living Your Values in the Workplace

4 hours .

The Changing Landscape of Leadership

2-4 hours


Building A Strengths Based Team

4 hours

Establishing People Processes Around Culture

1 or 4 Hours

Beyond the Engagement Survey

2 hours

Understanding Recruiting & Retention

through the Culture Lens

2 hours


Cultural Branding & Why it Matters

2 hours

Building Authentic Social Media Platforms

2 Hours

Build Your 12 Month Brand Strategy

6-8 hours

Aligning your Workspace to Your Brand

4 hours

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