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people strategies

Put their passion to work

your people are your greatest asset, 

you just need to know how to harness their potential

We see it often - the story goes like this: 

You spend hour after hour and big dollars curating your business systems, processes and policies. You choose the best mission statement, draft a website that looks professional and you start to grow. You need to add to your team, you need to find those people that will fit right in and help with your mission. 

The interview phase is non-inspiring from the job ad to the actual interview and rarely is there any follow up with unsuccessful candidates. You spend 30mins to an hour with someone focusing more on the job itself and less on how this person will fit within the team to create high productivity & results. Do they even possess the competency behaviours the job requires?

Then once someone is in a position, there is little attention paid to how they are developing or how their full potential could be harnessed. The employee gets bored and eventually moves on for something more rewarding, costing you huge money in lost productivity, recruiting and re-training. 

Then you begin to wonder why month over month, your profit margin is shrinking and you are spending more and more time hiring and training. 

This does not have to be the way and we are here to help! In fact, the people is why we started the Culture Co. movement. 

Many of us at Culture Co. sat at a desk, uninspired and wondering why no one asked us what we loved to do, or if we had any idea's on how to help build the business or if there was a project that we just had to get off the ground.

We'll inspire your team to bring their purpose to the table. 



- Employee Engagement strategies 
- Employee Celebration strategies
- Strengths Based Development &
- Full Hiring Process that align company
  values & competency behaviours
- Performance Reviews that engage & inspire 
- Employee Development Plans 
- Exit Interviews that encourage transparency 

We understand just how impactful this commitment to your team will mean. Together we will evaluate the competencies that you value the most and align your team within those competencies, encouraging creativity and increased productivity. 

When your employee's trust the business through and through, you harness more of their potential and are then able to perform to your fullest potential effectively leading your success. 

Ready to UP your people game?
We can't wait to help you
get started.
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