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about our team

Because you should expect the best

we are with you, every step
of the way

We believe that the best company cultures are cultivated inch by inch and that the best company cultures produce the happiest, most effective, highly productive employees. 

We work alongside you and your team as we identify your core organizational values and create a plan that brings those values to the forefront of all you do; ensuring employees and clients share the experience. 

Our philosophical equation is = 

transparency builds trust - trust builds momentum - momentum creates change

And when you create a culture where transparency, trust & fluid change are adopted without resistance, you harness the ability to stay at the forefront of your industry, setting yourself apart.  

What sets our team apart is our ability to lead you through 'going inwards to then project outwards'. We start with the essence of your organization to examine your true culture, integrate with your team to identify opportunities to maximize human capital and realign your branding to show the world who you really are. We leave no stone unturned.


We offer a full suite of services to align you to your core culture, ensure your people are aligned in that culture and that your clients know who you truly are through your marketing and branding.  

meet our team

Nicki Bullock
Visionary, Culture & Development Strategist

Nicki has spent the last 17 years engaging and cultivating the most effective, loyal teams impacting culture everywhere she goes. While working for a national healthcare company she witnessed the draining result of high turnover on the bottom line and the ineffectiveness of not deliberately and intentionally cultivating organizational and team values. 

Her philosophy is deeply rooted in understanding your core organizational and leadership values that impact all aspects of employee productivity, morale, loyalty and high profit margins. 

She is an agent of change and believes that stagnancy leads to the death of all creativity and growth as an organization, leadership team and renders most employee's bored senseless instead of harnessing their creative powers for the overall effectiveness of your organization. 

'So many companies have focused so hard on what they want their culture to be (we call those buzz words) but forget to acknowledge that they then need to live those words through everything they define as a company, from the way the answer the phones to how they exit their staff' 


Nicki's passion is cutting through those buzz words and getting to the truth behind your companies true culture. She then works alongside leadership and the employees to create initiatives that elevate the culture that will separate your company from your competitors, attract the best employees and ensure that profit increases. 

Coralee Grimm
Chief Creative & Design

Coralee finds herself in many streams of Culture Co. from creative and design, collaboration enthusiast, authentic content creation and social strategy to cultural branding and marketing. Design and concept are used in storytelling, who you are, how you want people to see you and more importantly, how they remember you.


She believes that true design should influence while aligning with your culture and visual brand, through research and creation. After studying marketing and design for business she soon realized that the ethos of culture needed to be created first. Culture in its broadest sense is cultivated behaviours that are directly evolving and nuanced through design. The effects of design are profound as it generates behaviours that directly impact your business and your following.


Coralee is known for being creative and detail-focused when helping her clients express themselves but still captures the function and organization within a business. Elements of style are implemented throughout all aspects of designing a brand from the interior design of office and client spaces to events, materials, social media, and content strategies. Design-driven branding is the ultimate ambition, creating a brand that speaks your cultural values, to your team, your peers and your clientele. Coralee loves to bring who you are to your brand. Ultimately her diversified experience from magazine writing, building homes, weddings and travel, has given her the opportunities to understand that people love to tell their story and live their style. 

Breanna Willock
Creative Strategist &
Brand Aligner

Breanna is a detail- oriented marketing strategist with experience in marketing strategy development, brand management, content development and social media marketing. A people- oriented team player, Breanna has a successful track record of building and maintaining positive, productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Her ability to effectively create, implement and measure success of marketing communications programs, activities and materials qualifies her as our in-house brand and marketing expert. 

Breanna believes that your organizational values translate into design and content by utilizing the feeling behind those values and turning them into something visual, therefore pulling your employees and ideal clients in to fully experiencing your culture and allowing them to be a part of it as soon as they see you. 

Throughout her career, Breanna has been a champion for positive collaboration in the workforce. Her passion for people and commitment to positive collaboration at work has led her to Culture Co. 

Jen Kessler
Brand Media Photojournalist

Jen is our talented brand media photojournalist. With over 10 years experience in the photography industry she has developed a set of skills in capturing the essence of the soul.


"I strive to capture the story of those in front of my camera. I believe that everyone and everything has a story, and I seek to document that story in a beautiful, impactful way" 

Jen use mainly natural light when she photograph's and believes in being onsite, whether that is your office space, at an event or on a team adventure. Jen captures the essence of your story and your team in an authentic way that will tie your branding back to your story through a photojournalistic approach.


When prospective clients and staff feel drawn in to your photo's, they are already being pulled into the story your values tell. It is a process that will bind loyalty and speak a language that is not attuned to the ears.