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Coralee finds herself in many streams of Culture Co. from creative and design, collaboration enthusiast, authentic content creation and social strategy to cultural branding and marketing.

After studying marketing and design for business she soon realized that the ethos of culture needed to be created first. Culture in its broadest sense is cultivated behaviours that are directly evolving and nuanced through design. The effects of design are profound as it generates behaviours that directly impact your business and your following.


Design-driven branding is her ultimate ambition, creating a brand that speaks your cultural values, to your team, your peers and your clientele. Coralee loves to bring who you are to your brand. Ultimately her diversified experience from magazine writing, building homes, weddings and travel, has given her the opportunities to understand that people love to tell their story and live their style. 


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Nicki has spent the last 17 years engaging and cultivating the most effective, loyal teams impacting culture everywhere she goes. Her philosophy is deeply rooted in understanding your core organizational and leadership values that impact all aspects of your business and your brand.

She is an agent of change and believes that stagnancy leads to the death of all creativity and growth as an organization. 

'So many companies have focused so hard on what they want their culture & brand to be (we call those buzz words) but forget to acknowledge that they then need to live those words each and every day'


Nicki's passion is cutting through those buzz words and getting to the truth behind your companies true commitment to create a sustainable, profitable and aligned business. 

Her vision is to create a better world through activating elevated leadership in workplaces for every human being. 


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Hello! My name’s Megan and I’m a fourth year Business Administration student with a double minor in Organizational Studies and Operational Management/ Data Information Systems. I will hopefully have my degree fully completed by Summer and I am so excited!


I am born and raised in Chilliwack and I love seeing Chilliwack grow and develop. I like listening to Podcasts in my free time and baking. I live for sunny days and spending time with my friends and family. I am so excited and grateful to be joining Culture Co!


"Hello, my name is Christian. I am currently a barista at Starbucks and have worked at the Salish Plaza store for almost 6 years. I'm very excited to be joining Coralee and Nicki at Culture Co, and am ready to learn and grow with them.


I have lived in Chilliwack my entire life and am happy to see the restoration and revitalization of the downtown core. When I’m not working I like to go for walks at the river, doodle in my sketchbook, and spend time with my friends and family. I am looking forward to this new adventure at Culture Co!"

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