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Sometimes we have to stop and pinch ourselves... it is such a privilege to work with our clients and bring their dreams into reality. Some of the clients we work with, we are unable to showcase because we honour their confidentiality and how deeply rooted into their business structure we become but when we do get a chance to work with clients on their branding, we love to show their brand off as an extension of ours. 

Here are a few of our dear clients: 

Trois Filles Cupcakery 

For our client Trois Filles, we were tasked to launch her brand and business for baker, Shauna. Shauna came to us with her name Trois Filles based on that she is a mother of 3 little French Canadian girls. We were excited to establish her brand identity through telling her story. 

To establish a clear and comprehensive brand package, we created the following: 
1. logo design 

2. website www.troisfillescupcakery.com 

3. fully styled storytelling photo shoot 

4. all packaging including multiple sticker designs, boxes & ribbon 

5. social media feed setup and management

6. market display set design including design of signage

7. business cards 

8. market promotional handout

9. community collaborations to elevate overall brand 

10. social media designed posts 

Columbia Counselling Associates

When the team of Columbia Counselling Associates came to us, we were excited to create a re-brand for them. With a simple website in place, we knew that we could enhance their online presence and align their values with their branding. 

With the wonderful team of 4, we created the following:
1. logo design 

2. website www.columbiacounselling.ca

3. fully styled storytelling photoshoot 

4. business cards 

5. designed social media posts for future use

6. 5x8 promotional rack card  

Cultivate Cafe

Cultivate Cafe started off with us with an overall Brand Alignment Vision Strategy. This cafe was a new business and they knew their fullest potential was not being realized with their existing branding. 

With the wonderful Peggy & Cam, we created the following:
1. 12 month Brand Strategy Plan which aligned their values to their brand

2. website rebrand - www.cultivatecafe.ca 

3. fully styled storytelling photoshoot 

4. designed social media posts for future use
5. Business concept design for different revenue opportunities 


Brightside Eggs

Brightside Eggs was a brand new launch and came to us for an overall Brand Alignment Vision Strategy. They knew they wanted to align their brand with their family farm values right from Day 1. 

With the amazing Jaqueline & Richard, we created the following:
1. 12 month Brand Strategy Plan which aligned their values to their brand

2. Full logo and sub logo design

3. Website rebrand - www.brightsideeggs.ca

4. 3 fully styled storytelling photoshoots to bring their full lifestyle brand to life 

5. Social media planning and posting, including strategy 
6. All onsite signage for maximum exposure 

7. All brand supports to ensure consistency through all aspects

8. Coordinated community collaborations to drive awareness to their opening

Journey Retreats

El & Britt of Journey Retreats were ready for a refresh to their luxury transformative retreat business. We met with them to bring the rebirth of their brand to life through our unique extraction process of going inwards to project outwards. 

With the powerhouses El & Britt, we created the following:
1. Full Brand Strategy that aligned their values, dreams & goals into a visual storyboard 

2. Website rebrand - www.experiencejourneyretreats.com

3. Full content direction for 90-day social media plan 

4. Support for styled photoshoot

Moonlite Electric

After being in business since 2000, Mike & Tracy were ready to update their brand for greater exposure. They were excited to freshen up their logo, create a website and deck out their fleet. 

With the wonderful Tracy & Mike, we created the following:
1. Full new logo

2. Website rebrand - www.moonliteeletric.ca

3. Fully styled storytelling photoshoot

4. Truck signage for maximum exposure

5. New business cards

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