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our guiding principles

Because it's always about how we show up...

"be the change you wish to see in the world" mahatma gandi

Culture Co. is built with the same philosophical foundation that we want to build with you. In fact upholding our own culture is one of the most important elements of being a part of the team at Culture Co. 

The Culture Co. founding principles are our guiding lights when it comes to the projects we choose to work on, the content we create, the client's we partner with and how we manage our day to day operations. 

We not only want to change the world of business management and leadership development through culture, people and brand execution, we also want to change our families lives by building a consultancy that is a direct reflection of the values we so firmly believe in.


Our families are a big reason we started Culture Co.
They are a part of our work life.  


(fun fact: we have 13 kids between the 5 of us - 7 boys and 6 girls)


we value flexibility 

We offer flexibility across our entire team. While we are comprised of a team of dreamers, we also love the doing part. We are beyond committed to delivering on every deadline, it just might mean that we will be working unconventional hours. 


Every team members voice is equal. We celebrate openness and respect different points of view, idea's and solutions. We believe that creative tension allows us to come up with the best possible solution for every one of our client's goals & area's of opportunities.  


our clients are our partners

We work hard together, hand in hand with each of our beloved clients in creating the best possible cultural environment based on their people, mission & goals, while honouring and exceeding the bottom line.  


Spending hours on end in an environment that isn't fun, sounds like a slow punishment to us. We prefer dance parties, margaritas and never taking ourselves too seriously; all while creating the biggest impact we can
in your business and the world. 


we trust our creative edge

Our willingness to push our creative boundaries is what gives us our edge. Mediocrity is the silent killer of all progress. We push our clients beliefs of what is possible. 


We are a multi-passionate talented team. We built it this way so there is overlap when it comes to providing our clients the most creative solutions to their culture, people & brand equations. It also means we each get to focus on the parts of our client's business that we are most passionate about, therefore bringing out the best of each of us. 


we believe in philanthropy

Giving back to our communities and world is not just something that we believe is nice to do, but in fact, our responsibility. Every year we partner with not-for-profits that are making a big impact in the world.  

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